North Korea Holidays

Are you looking for somewhere different to travel to this year? Then look no further than our range of North Korea Holidays. We have tailor made and group packages available to choose from. If our group tour dates don’t work for you then let us know and we will design for you a bespoke holiday package.

Travel to North Korea

One can visit North Korea all year round. We have tours every month of the year to choose from. Highlights include April 15 – the day of the Sun. July 27 – Victory Day or August 15 – Liberation Day. These major North Korean holidays are big dates in the calendar and a great time to be in the country.

In order to travel to the DPRK one must arrange their visit through a licensed North Korea travel company like Rocky Road Travel. Simply get in touch with us and we will sort out everything from your train or flight from China, your North Korean visa and your tour. We will send you a list of recommended itineraries and you can pick and choose what you want to do. it’s a surprisingly long list so take your time and ask us anything!

North Korea is like nowhere else on earth. It is akin to travelling back in time, where mobile phones won’t work and you can digital detox for real. The tours are all inclusive so everything is taken care of and you are told when and where to go. For these reasons it can be considered the ultimate holiday destination!

Renovated Kaeson metro station. Visit it on our Untouched North Korea tour