Mauritania Travel

Welcome to the west African Saharan land of desert and ocean. There’s nowhere like this on earth, Mauritania travel offers the curious visitor plenty to keep occupation levels high! So what is there to see and do in this Maghreb region.

Mauritania is probably known best for its famous iron ore train – the longest in the world at over 2 kilometers. It is used to carry iron ore from the Zouerat mine to Nouadhibou harbour. Tourists can ride the open air carriages in this direction and sit on top of the iron ore. Or you can choose to ride it in the opposite direction in empty carriages for added comfort and protection if you like. It really is a one of kind journey. Remember to bring protection for your face to protect from all that dust! The best part is that it’s completely free, there is a passenger cabin but you have to reserve tickets and it’s usually packed out anyway. Next on the Mauritania travel list must be the Adrar and its incredible desert scenery.  Chinguetti is probably the most famous town here – it was once a centre of Islamic scholarship and its architecture remains unchanged in nearly a thousand years. Along with Ouadane and a few other small towns, it is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On the wild Atlantic coast, hit up the Parc National du Banc d’Arguin for you avid bird watchers. There’s also plenty of dolphins and sleepy fishing villages dotted along the coast here. Over in the capital city of Nouakchott, check out the National Museum of Mauritania, the National Library and the beach! Locals love to come to the beach to relax after a long days work. The real highlight of Nouakchott though, must be the bustling fishing wharf of ‘port de peche’. Every evening see teams of fishermen bring in the day’s catch on brightly painted sea-canoes. The daily catch is sold on the spot or loaded onto donkey carts to be sold in town. It’s a hive of activity and a must-see in the capital city.

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