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The land of silent treasures

Travelling to Libya has become easier with the availability of a new tourist visa on arrival and increased Libya tours on offer. The country can also boast an increased safety & security situation in recent years.

This vast desert land is now more accessible for all.

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Libya has been mired in civil strife since the fall of Gaddafi in 2011. Recently, however, the country is experiencing relative stability and with the introduction of a tourist visa on arrival, it’s never been easier to join one of our Libya tours.

Libya has the potential to become one of Africa’s and the Sahara’s great travel
destinations. It possesses some of the best-preserved ancient Roman ruins, picturesque oases, lost Saharan cities and the largest sand dunes in the world.

A rich culture in which the Libyan people take great pride in.


Tripoli – Jabel Nafusa – Ghadames – Geryan – Leptis Magna – Sabratha – Tripoli


This tour can be arranged privately on any dates.


We have one group Libya Tour from May 6 – 11th, 2024.


We will apply for your Libya visa and send you a copy before the tour. This is included in the tour price.