Liberation Day & Summer Tour

What's It All About?

Our Liberation Day & Summer tour takes in one of the biggest celebrations of the year in the form of Liberation from the Japanese in 1945. This year is the 75th anniversary so we can expect a lot of celebrations and even a military parade!

During our Group A tour we’ll see everything you must see within Pyongyang such as the War Museum, the Mausoleum of the leaders, ride the Pyongyang Metro and a day trip down to the DMZ from the North side! Another highlight is a trip to the beautiful city of Nampo and its therapeutic hot spa resort on the west coast, as well as a co-op farm and nearby factories. We’ll then go for a seaside dip and hangout with the locals and their families at a nearby beach. 

Our Group B tour will take you to the east cost of the Korean peninsula to the lovely and sunny city of Wonsan. This is a very popular holiday destination for Koreans. Here we’ll try the delicious and fresh seafood caught along the pier and spend the afternoon swimming with local families. We’ll also have time to explore the impressive International Children’s Summer Camp.

We’ll then head north of Pyongyang to Mt. Myohyang which is famous for the International Friendship Exhibition. This incredible exhibition is buried deep into the sacred mountain and holds the gifts presented to all three leaders by other governments, corporations, and individuals around the world.

So come join us as we hit up another exciting summer in the North Korea and take you around on this amazing tour! Don’t forget your swimming trunks!!

Liberation & Summer Tour

1245 / 1495
  • Group A ► August 10th - 18th (€1245)
  • Group B ► August 10th - 21st (€1495)
  • Train to and from Beijing included.
  • Flight option: €215 one way. €320 return