What is the Korea International Travel Company?

The Korea International Travel Company (KITC) is the biggest and oldest travel company in North Korea. Founded on August 24, 1953, the company has facilitated thousands of tours to North Korea.

All foreign travel agencies must use a local North Korean agency to organise the different itineraries for them. We request KITC to run a certain itinerary and they will us tell what’s possible and what’s not. After the itinerary is agreed, KITC will then book and organise everything in advance. They take care of everything from arranging the bus to booking hotel and restaurant reservations. 

The North Korean Tour Guides

The work of the local North Korean guides is never over. They work tirelessly before during and after a tour to make it as smooth as possible for our travelers.

We work with KITC because of these superstars.  You’re in good hands on a KITC / Rocky Road Travel tour.

The company employ over 100 guides speaking English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish & Italian. They can cater to any kind of North Korea tour.

KITC - North korean guides on Mount Paektu
KITC Guides on Mount Paektu
Korea international travel company logo
North koreans and foreigners in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
KITC Guides in Malaysia

Other Travel Companies

North Korea has other travel companies such as the Korea International Sports Travel Company, the Kumgangsan Travel Company & Korea International Youth Travel Company.

We choose KITC due to their size and experience. They also know what we want and deliver it time after time. Our close relationship with KITC opens doors in the country to visit places that no other travel company has access to. 

Travel to North Korea with Rocky Road Travel – you can be safe in the knowledge that’s it’s also a KITC tour!

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