Is Somaliland Safe?

Nestled in the Horn of Africa between tiny Djibouti and it’s southern cousin, Somaliland holds a very strong and strategic position in the region. This is a historically hostile region where once civil war raged across the whole of Somalia. So this is a question often put forward when people think of Somalia. What about its northern breakaway province – is Somaliland safe?

One needs to look at Somalia vs Somaliland as two separate countries in order to answer this question. Throughout the early 1990s Somalia was engulfed in a civil war amongst rival clans. It was at this time Somaliland declared its independence. The region was heavily bombed by the southern Mogadishu government in response to this claim of independence. Since then however, Somaliland has flourished within its own borders, army & security system. It has become a model for democracy and government in East Africa.

When you visit Somalia or Somaliland an armed security unit must escort you during your stay. In Mogadishu this can number up to 12 men, but in Somaliland it’s likely to just be the one guard. They are not needed in Somaliland but the government provide one anyway as an extra layer of security. This all adds up to keep the country safe from the troubles of its southern neighbor. So is Somaliland safe? Very! Visit this amazing place with Rocky Road Travel on one of our custom made Somaliland tours now! Email for more info.