Is Somalia safe to visit?

Somalia has been in a state of on-again-off-again turmoil for the best part of the last four decades. From civil strife of the early 1990s to failed state status of the last decade, the country has been through a lot in its lifetime. But, what about today? Is Somalia safe to visit right now?

We have been arranging tours to the northern, autonomous region of Somaliland for years now. The self-declared independent nation has been a bubble of safety and calm in an otherwise volatile region. They like to maintain that “Somaliland is not Somalia“. It has its own border, army, currency and immigration system. It has practically always been safe to visit Somaliland.

So what about southern Somalia? Somalia’s capital city of Mogadishu has seen its fair share of issues over the years. Warring clans, dysfunctional governments and terrorist attacks have all given Mogadishu its image as one of the world’s most dangerous cities.

Now onto today. While Mogadishu cannot be called a safe city, it has come a very long way in the last five years or so. A strong Somalian diaspora has returned to the capital to help rebuild the country of their parents. On a typical tour of Mogadishu, you can walk through the city and experience the local life as it should be — of course, all while being accompanied by your very own security detail — just as a precaution. Everywhere you go, this eight-man team will scout the area and make sure you are protected at all times. It all helps to keep Somalia safe to visit.

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