Iraqi Kurdistan Travel

This stunning region of northern Iraq is simply untouched and waiting to be seen. The “other Iraq”, as it likes to market itself, has always been a haven in a volatile region. Iraqi Kurdistan travel has plenty to offer the clued-up traveler.

Rocky Road Travel specializes in travel to Iraqi Kurdistan. We offer tours of all lengths and sizes all year round. We also run two confirmed tours to Iraqi Kurdistan in the spring and autumn annually. We work with the very best Iraq Tour Operators to provide all of our customers with the best, safest and most fulfilling Kurdistan Iraq Tour. 

The region has attracted explorers for centuries, but recent troubles down south have halted the flow of tourists to Kurdistan. Things are much different now. The vast north offers vibrant cities like Erbil & Duhok as well as cultural centers like Lalish and Sulaymaniyah. Incredible mountain ranges and freshwater lakes leave the adventurous traveller with plenty of exploring to do.

For further reading on travel in Iraqi Kurdistan check out our blog post Top 5 Things to do in Iraqi Kurdistan. Or,  Contact us today for further info on Kurdistan travel and book your tour today!

On an Iraq tour with Rocky Road Travel in Kurdistan
Tourist with Yazidi locals in Lalish, Iraqi Kurdistan