Iraq Travel Company

Are you looking for the perfect partner to make your Iraq travel dreams come true? As the world’s leading Iraq Travel Company, Rocky Road Travel goes above and beyond to make sure your trip to Mesopotamia goes even better than expected.

We organize visits to Baghdad, Samarra, Babylon, Karbala, Najaf, Basra as well as Iraqi Kurdistan in the north. Our local guides are experts in the field of Iraqi tourism. They are well trained, speaking fluent English and will make sure that not only are you kept safe, but that you are enjoying your stay in Iraq.

The country is currently experiencing somewhat of a tourism boom. In March 2021, Iraq announced the introduction of a visa on arrival scheme at all international airports. This allowed citizens from 37 countries including all of the EU to simply fly to Iraq and pick up the visa on arrival. It’s now never been easier to visit Iraq!

Visit Baghdad and beyond with us now, your number 1 European based Iraq travel company! Contact us on +491635158517 to book your Iraq tour today.