Iraq Travel Agent

Are you looking for Europe’s best Iraq travel agent? Iraq is a country that is slowly opening up its doors to foreign travellers. Once maligned as a place of war and danger, Iraq has come full swing in the last six years. It is now perfectly safe to visit and you’ll likely be the only travellers in town with your own Iraq Tour Guide. Rocky Road has been travelling to Iraq for years and has established a strong relationship with Iraq Tour Operators – making it a travel agent you can trust. 

What is there to see in Iraq?

There is plenty to keep the intrepid traveller occupied in ancient Mesopotamia. Visit Babylon and witness this ancient world with your own eyes. From here, travel to the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala, two of the most sacred places in Shia Islam. The Shrine of Imam Ali is just one of the many sites waiting to be seen. Further south you have the port city of Basra and its old town. Don’t forget the incredible Mesopotamian Marshlands around Nasariyah. See them before they disappear forever!

It’s not all about Southern Iraq however, there is another world to be explored in Northern Iraqi Kurdistan. This place has a different visa policy and is much easier to visit. Its rugged mountain terrain is a world away from the southern deserts.

So how does one travel to Iraq? Get in touch with us of course! We’re only a quick phone call away. We offer two Iraq tours per year in the Spring and Autumn. If the dates don’t work we can always arrange a private tour for you and your friends for anytime you choose. We can’t wait to be your Iraq Travel agent for 2021!