Iraq Travel Agencies

If you’re looking for one of the best Iraq travel agencies out there, then you have come to the right place. Rocky Road Travel has been running tours to Iraq since 2016 and has offices in Baghdad and northern Iraqi Kurdistan. Our great connections with the best Iraq Tour Operators mean we can show you safely across this ancient land stress and hassle-free (as much as that is possible in Iraq!)

Iraq Tours: Get to know the “real” Iraq

We have been organising tours to Kurdistan in the north of Iraq for years. The region is an oasis of calm and peace in an otherwise troubled area. It truly is an untouched gem waiting to be discovered. Travel to the Yazidi shrine at Lalish or Saddam Hussein’s former mountaintop palace. Visit eastern Sulaymaniyah and see a vibrant middle eastern city at its very best. The winding mountain ranges and valleys of Kurdistan make for spectacular drives at any time of day. 

We first conducted a research tour to Southern Iraq in 2018, and have been travelling there at least twice a year since. Thankfully, Iraq is safe again after decades of violence. Far from the one-dimensional view many have of Iraq’s past, Iraq also has many incredible Ancient Mesopotamian sites to explore. Take a day tour of Babylon, visit the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala and ride a boat down the Mesopotamian Marshlands -all without the scourge of mass tourism. 

Start planning your tour now. Travel to Iraq with Rocky Road Travel while the tourists continue to stay away. Check out our 2021 Iraq tour schedule here. Unsure of when you should travel? Get in touch, we can also arrange a private tour for you.