Iraq Tour Packages

Travel to the ancient land of Iraq this year with Rocky Road Travel. We have designed several different Iraq tour packages for you to choose from. Visit northern Kurdistan and the holy Yazidi shrine at Lalish. Iraqi Kurdistan is a safe and welcoming autonomous region of Iraq and we can arrange bespoke tours involving mountain hiking, religious tours or cultural exchanges.

Southern Iraq has seen a resurgence of tourism in the last few years. After the fall of ISIS it has now become safe again to travel to Iraq. We arrange religious tours to Karbala and Najaf and normal tourist visits to Samara, Babylon, Baghdad, Basra and more. We run two group tours per year in Spring and Autumn as well as organizing private visits for any time of the year. We also help you arrange the Iraq visa by applying for an invitation letter on tour behalf. It’s then up to you to contact your nearest Iraqi embassy to apply for the visa.

Once you have your visa then you’re off to Iraq! Meet up with your fellow travelers in Baghdad then hit the road exploring this vibrant land. Contact us on for more information on travelling to Iraq!