Iraq Tour Guide

Rocky Road Travel is involved in getting you unique experiences around the globe, ones that aren’t handled by regular travel companies. One of the tours we are promoting at the moment, is the journey to Iraq.

Iraq is a deeply religious and incredibly cultured land, filled with a rich history that all deserve to learn more about. Our Iraq Tour guides will take you around various landscapes in Iraq that pertain to this cultural and historical significance. You’ll be treated to a knowledgeable guide, who speaks the language and gives you all the information you’re wanting to know, when you want to know it.

Through our Rocky Road Tour, whether it’s independant or in a group, you’ll get the opportunity to visit various cities around Iraq, all of which are in safe zones, free of conflict. A few of the features of our Iraq tour is that of;

  • See the Liberation Square Monument in Baghdad.
  • Explore the ruins of Ctestphon, as well as the ancient abandoned Agargouf Ziggurat.
  •  Learn more about the heart of Babylon, as well as the rest of the Hanging Gardens.
  •  Whilst in Basra, take a stop at the Saddam Hussein Palace.
  •  Explore the busy market life in Basra.

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We have multiple tours available, and are looking forward to teaching you all manner of information on a trip that you’re certain to love.