How to Apply For New The Iraq Visa On Arrival

With the newly initiated Iraq visa on arrival system now in place, we’ll explain how it works and who’s entitled to it.

From March 15, 2021 the Iraqi government announced – though a decry, a visa scheme that would allow citizens of 37 countries to apply for a visa on arrival at Baghdad, Najaf and Basra airports.

The system is still in its early days so we’ll keep this page regularly updated with information that we gather on our frequent tours to Iraq.

Who's entitled?

In theory citizens of the EU, UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia & New Zealand can apply for the visa on arrival. 

We say “in theory” because this is what the official government decry has stated. In realty the early days if the visa scheme has provided some confusion at the airports and overseas.

Citizens of smaller eastern European countries have reported difficulties on arrival. Border officials seem confused as to who exactly is entitled to the visa. Airlines operating flights to Iraq are also giving passengers a hard time before eventually allowing them to board a flight to Iraq without an actual visa.

These are fairly expected teething problems for the new system which we don’t expect to last long, however there are some things to keep in mind before travelling to Iraq.

Baghdad Airport terminal, Iraq

How To Properly Prepare for the Visa on Arrival

When you travel with us to Iraq, we will send you a letter of invitation from our partners in Baghdad. This letter is fairly essential for two reasons;

  • In order to board the flight to Baghdad, your airline will ask to see your Iraqi visa. As the visa on arrival scheme is so new, they won’t believe you when you explain the new VOA to them. This is when you show them the visa invitation letter plus the official government letter announcing the new scheme and all should then be good.
  • Having this letter when you apply for the visa at the airport in Iraq will also save you a lot of time and effort. The immigration staff want to see that you have an inviting party responsible for you during your stay. Without this letter you may be turned back.

You’ll then be asked to hand over $75 in cash (Make sure you have the exact change) then voila! You have a brand new Iraq visa on arrival stamped in your passport.

How to Get To Iraq

At the moment the easiest ways of travelling to Iraq are through the gateways of Istanbul and Dubai. 

Rocky Road Travel provide regular tours of Southern Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan throughout the year. We can also arrange private tours on any dates of the year to suit your schedule.

Get in touch for more info – it’s never been easier to travel to Baghdad with the new Iraq visa on arrival!