Given that most people don’t even know that you can travel to north korea, just how difficult is it to apply for a north korea visa?

Surprisingly easy – Rocky Road Travel will do all the work for you!

All you have to do is send us the following:

  1. A photo of your passport
  2. A passport photo of yourself
  3. Completed booking and visa form

We then take the info of all travelers and send them to our contacts at the DPRK embassy in Beijing. 99.9% of our North Korean tourist visas are processed without issue in less than two weeks. We get the green light, pick them up and then give them to you at the pre-tour meeting. They are individual “tourist cards” separate from your passport.

Do I need to send you my physical passport?

Not at all. A simple phone pic will do.

How much is the visa?

The North Korean visa cost is €50.

Does my travel history matter?

No, the North Koreans do not take your travel history into account. It’s no problem if you have traveled to South Korea or plan to in the future.

Can I keep the visa after the tour?

Unfortunately not! Immigration will stamp it (not your passport) & take it from you on your exit. Make sure to take plenty of photos with it. If you wish to have the visa as a sticker in your passport then you can request this if you are from a country with a North Korean embassy. Ask us for more info on this.

Who can apply for a North Korea visa?

We take everyone except US & South Korean passport holders. We issue tourist visas so journalists are not permitted to enter.

Can I apply for the visa and book flights on my own?

No, visas have to be processed through licenced agents. Air Koryo tickets to Pyongyang can also only be booked through agents such as Rocky Road Travel.

Travelling to North Korea is much easier than you think. In fact applying for the Chinese visa is much more of a headache than the North Korea visa! Sign up for one of our North Korea Tours today and let us do all the work for you!