Flights to Socotra Island

Due to the shifting political situation on the island, the schedule of flights to Socotra changes quite often. This is a regularly updated page to help keep you up to date with the latest information on how to get to Socotra. Currently there are two flight options. From Cairo with Yemenia airlines and from Abu Dhabi with Air Arabia.

Air Arabia from Abu Dhabi

The current best option & only announced in March 2021 – United Arab Emirati carrier Air Arabia will fly every Tuesday from Abu Dhabi direct to Socotra. 

The flight leaves Abu Dhabi at 10am arriving in Socotra at 11am. The return flight departs at 1pm and arrives back in Abu Dhabi at 4pm. The round trip is priced at approximately €850.

The flight is not currently available for booking online however we can book it directly with an agent in the UAE.

Yemenia Airlines from Cairo

The recently reinstated Yemenia route from Cairo adds another great connection to Socotra.

This flight departs Cairo every Wednesday at 2am, connects in the Yemeni city of Seiyun before continuing to Socotra where it arrives at 8.45am local time. 

In Seiyun you get off the plane, wait in a waiting room and then re-board the same plane bound for Socotra where you formally go through the immigration process.

The return flight also leaves the same day (Wednesday) at 9.45am and is scheduled to arrive in Cairo at 3pm.

This flight can only be booked through our partners in Cairo. It cannot be booked online. The cost is approximately €1200.

Previous Routes

Formally Felix Airways operated a route to Dubai and Sharjah over the years. The Dubai route was recently suspended due to a ban on Yemeni carriers in the UAE.

There’s also a cement ship that sails to Socotra from Salalah, Oman. If you are willing to wait up to 2 weeks for it to depart and share your berth with rats and cockroaches then this is also an option!

If you are looking for more info on how to travel to Socotra then get in touch! Also check out our list of Socotra tours and itineraries

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