Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your tours start and finish?

All tours start and finish in that particular destination country. Except for North Korea tours which start and finish in Beijing or Dandong, China. For more info on pre- tour arrangements please see our individual itineraries or get in touch.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. All costs are outlined in the itinerary and the inclusions/exclusions section. 

How large is the group size?

This depends on the particular tour. The average size is 10-15 like minded travelers.

We also organize private tours if you prefer to travel alone.

What experience do you have visiting these countries?

All tours that we offer have been meticulously researched and led previously by our staff. These are places we know, love and can’t wait to show them off. We have conducted numerous research tours beforehand to make sure they are safe and great quality.

Who leads the tours and in what language?

All tours are led in English by local and western guides.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes! When visiting any country get insurance but even more so when it comes to more intrepid places like the ones we offer.

Why Rocky Road?

We have 7 years experience of operating in our destination countries. All tours have been meticulously researched & perfected over time.

Our in country partners & contacts guarantee us unparalleled access to several places way off the beaten track. All group tours are led by both a local and western tour leader.

We don’t run tours in dangerous places. All itineraries are planned with our local partners expertise. On top of that we are based in Germany so all bank transfers are safe and secure in the EU.

All our tours are guaranteed departures. We work with other travel companies to make sure all tours are confirmed regardless of the number of travelers.

As well as hitting the usual sights, we’ll also focus on local experiences like visiting bars, bowling alleys, parks and other “normal” places where we can mingle and chat with locals.

The entire booking process is done by email. It’s that simple! We’re here when you need us and will reply instantly to emails & the online chat service.