DPRK Tours

Travel to North Korea this year with Rocky Road Travel. Our DPRK tours will show you more of this secretive state than any other North Korea tour company out there. We’ll not only experience the capital of Pyongyang and all its many landmarks, but also get out of the city and into the countryside. There’s a whole other world waiting for you.

We run tours to North Korea all year round. From the New Years festivities in January to the leaders birthday and April Pyongyang Marathon tour, to the summer highlights of Victory day and Liberation day. There’s never a bad time to travel to North Korea. Why should you visit on a holiday? Expect mass dancing, mass games performances as well as fireworks and an all round happy vibe.

Where else can i travel to in North Korea?

Take a day tour south to Kaesong and the DMZ. Travel west to Nampo and swim in the West sea. Head East to Wonsan city and its endless beaches and revolutionary sites. For a real off the beaten path experience head to the extreme north east of the country to North Hamgyong province. This province bordering Russia and China is rarely visited by foreign tourists which is a real shame but it makes it the most real and raw part of the country.

There’s lots to see and do on any one of our DPRK tours. Take a look at our full North Korea tour schedule and see which one best suits you. Any questions? Get in touch by filling in the contact form or emailing info@www.rockyroadtravel.com today.