Damascus Day Tour

Do you want to visit the safest part of Syria for just a single day? Check out the Damascus Day Tour from Rocky Road Travel.

Syria has been steeped in civil strife for the last decade. In recent years however an opening up has slowly occurred. More and more tourists have made the journey since the liberation of much of the county from ISIS.

These days you can travel not only to the capital of Damascus but also to Homs, Krak de Chavaliers, Aleppo, Palmyra, Maaloula and more. Syria is a large country with an enormous heritage and history. It’s people are warm, welcoming and happy to see a return of foreign visitors.

One would need up to 10 days to properly see the country which is why we have introduced a short Damascus trip for those short on time. It involves transport and pickup to and from Beirut, Lebanon, visa support and a full tour of Damascus with a local guide accompanying and explaining everything as you go.

Your quick itinerary covers a walking tour of old Damascus, visiting the National Museum, Azem Palace, church of St. Ananias & St Paul as well as various markets including the famed handicraft market. It’s a whirlwind day that packs in all the city’s essential sights. Most importantly if gives you an introduction to the Syrian way of life and tourism gives the locals a sense of normality. Much needed for the local people.

Come and visit Damascus with Rocky Road Travel! We offer day tours daily from either Beirut or Amman. Contact us today or call +49 15114575768 to book your place.