Classic Socotra Tour

What's it all about?

This is a tour we have perfected, which cover all the places you must see in one week on Socotra island!

For those unfamiliar with Socotra, the place is like no where else on earth. Over 30% of plant life on the island can only be found on the island. Situated off the Horn of Africa in the Indian Ocean, Socotra is an archipelago belonging to Yemen. Luckily it has been completely unaffected by the country’s ongoing civil war and has become one one of the world’s least visited and untouched gems. Since the re-introduction of direct flights in 2018, Socotra is now looking to put itself back on the tourist trail once again. 

Socotra island is a remarkable place for camping, walking, hiking, wildlife spotting & cultural immersion. It’s for anyone who wants to experience a natural world like no other.

Planning on spending some more time in the region? We’re also running a 7 day Syria tour from November 12-18th – enquire for more info!


Abu Dhabi – Socotra – Abu Dhabi.


November 21 – 28th, 2023


We will apply for your visa and you can collect it from us on tour. The visa fee is $100 extra.