Cheap North Korea Tours

These days there are a lot of North Korea tour options out there. This wasn’t always the case. Up until about 10 years ago the DPRK tour industry was dominated by one or two big players. These companies kept the prices quite high until quite recently. New players such as Rocky Road Travel have introduced a whole new range of cheap North Korea Tours.

Visit North Korea

North Korea is not the cheapest country to visit in Asia. Keeping in mind however that a North Korea Tour is all inclusive then it represents good value for money. All meals, transport to and from Beijing, hotels and guides are included. The only extras are tips and souvenirs. The standard of the tours is also very high. Hotels are refurbished with 4 star quality and the food options are much better than what one might expect.

Rocky Road Travel offers a variety of North Korea tour packages. We offer everything from VIP tours to budget North Korea tours. The cheapest way to visit the DPRK is through our 2 night tour from Dandong, China or our Spring budget tour from Beijing. This is the cheapest all inclusive 3 night option from Beijing.

Travelling to North Korea is a lot cheaper than it used to be. Competition in the market than driven down the costs and margins so that you – the customer benefits from the savings. The North Korean travel industry ultimately benefits also due to large increases on the numbers of tourists visiting the country. More tourists equals more jobs in the sector and more visitors also benefits ordinary locals in terms of helping to boost engagement with North Korea.

If you have ever thought about travelling to North Korea, then now is the time to get in touch! Contact us here, call into our Berlin office or phone +4915114575768 any time. Safe travels!

Tour group on Mount Paektu, North Korea
Foreign tourists on Mount Paektu, Korea