Newspapers in North Korea

What are the major newspapers in North Korea? By most accounts there are 12 major newspapers in North Korea. The Rodong Sinmun is by far the biggest publication and as…

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Music in North Korea

The Early Days of Music In North Korea Music has played a central part of North Korean life since the founding of the DPRK in 1948. Although music in North…

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Are There Any Flights To North Korea?
Departing Pyongyang on Air Koryo to Beijing

Are There Any Flights To North Korea?

Which Airlines offer Flights to North Korea It is possible to fly to North Korea. These days there are only two airlines offering flights - Air China and North Korea's…

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Is There Internet in North Korea?
Visiting a school in North Korea

Is There Internet in North Korea?

How does the internet in North Korea work? Contrary to popular belief, the internet does exist in North Korea but active users rank only in the hundreds in a country…

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North Korean Cars

A Quick History of North Korean Cars North Korea began to produce cars in 1958, not long after the Korean War ended. North Korean cars soon outnumbered their South Korean…

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Football in North Korea

History of Football in North Korea As the most popular sport in the country, football in North Korea has a long and proud history. It's governing body - the KFA,…

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