The Importance of Pyongyang, North Korea
Pyongyang skyline

The Importance of Pyongyang, North Korea

The Story of Pyongyang Pyongyang is central to the North Korean system. The country's largest and more important city is deemed the heart of the Korean people and its revolution.…

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Korea International Travel Company

What is the Korea International Travel Company? The Korea International Travel Company (KITC) is the biggest and oldest travel company in North Korea. Founded on August 24, 1953, the company…

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The North Korean Language
Visiting a school in North Korea

The North Korean Language

North Korean Language vs South Korean North & South Korea do share a common language - Korean, but after more than 70 years of separation, the language in the two…

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Inside Pyongyang Zoo

Pyongyang Zoo in Pictures Pyongyang zoo, or the Korea Central Zoo as it officially known, is North Korea's national zoo. DPRK founder Kim Il Sung ordered its construction in 1959…

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Pyongyang Beer Festival!

Blast From The Past - What Was The Pyongyang Beer Festival? The inaugural and still the only ever Pyongyang Beer Festival was held in the North Korean capital from August…

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Can North Koreans Travel?
Boarding Air Koryo, North Korea.

Can North Koreans Travel?

Can North Koreans travel abroad? Similar to communist regimes of the past, international travel can prove to be quite difficult but does it exist? Can North Koreans travel abroad?It's a…

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Your North Korean Tour Guides

North Korean Tour Guides or Government Minders? You've probably watched any number of YouTube documentaries on North Korea. From Vice media to National Geographic, you think you have a good feel…

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