Can US Citizens Travel to Syria?

Syria is luckily past the worst of its devastating civil war. Reconstruction efforts are well and truly underway. It’s set to once again become a centre for tourism in the middle east over the next decade. Most foreign nationals can easily travel here but can US citizens travel to Syria? Long story short – not at the moment!

In order to travel to Syria you must attain a pre approved security clearance from the government. In order to get this clearance you must travel with a Syria tour operator like Rocky Road Travel who will arrange this for you in advance. Historically the chances of US citizens getting this clearance has been under 50%, especially when travelling alone. If Americans sign up to one of our Syria group tours however, then chances are closer to 90% approval for the security clearance. Currently however, since the reopening of the country post-Covid, no visas have been issued to US citizens.

How Would I normally Get The Syria Visa?

Luckily it’s quite straightforward. Once your security clearance is issued, we will email this to you. You then simply print this off and show it at the border on your arrival. This allows you then to get stamped into Syria with a small fee. The tourist visa allows you to stay for up to 30 days in Syria.

Where can I go & what can I see? There is much to be discovered in Syria. Start in the capital and one of the oldest cities in the world – Damascus. Visit the old town, Mosques, bazaars, teahouses and more. Venture north to Homs and the medieval colossus of Krak Des Chevaliers. Continue on towards the second largest city of Aleppo. This place was over 80% destroyed during the war but thankfully massive rebuilding efforts are currently underway to restore it to its former glory. Head east into the desert to discover the ancient city of Palmyra. Almost totally destroyed by ISIS, the UNESCO site is definitely a memorable experience.

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This article may not be up to date as the situation changes constantly – please contact us for the latest info.