Visit Baghdad And Beyond With An Expert Tour Guide

As the capital of Iraq, Baghdad is a bewitching place to explore, even if it’s rare for westerners to visit.

The second largest city in the Arab world, Baghdad is one of the destinations which we visit on our Iraq tours.

As leading Iraq specialists, Rocky Road Travel love to help travellers discover a part of the world that’s largely left unexplored by even the most seasoned globetrotters.

Here there’s a wealth of undiscovered history to be uncovered. With the right tour guides, you can safely visit this captivating country and travel to a place which today faces many prejudices but has one of the most beguiling pasts.

Founded in 762, Baghdad was a significant cultural hub for over 500 years. Its birth has been described as ‘a landmark for world civilization’. 

Since it’s located between Europe and Asia, it was an important area for trade and the exchanges of ideas. Many scholars who lived in this city made vital scientific discoveries, particularly between the 7th to 13th centuries, which is often known as the Golden Age of Islam.

Our tours start and finish in either Baghdad, Basra or Erbil, which all have major airports easily accessed from Turkey or the Gulf. All our tour guides do everything possible to make your trip go smoothly. We offer both private and pre-arranged tours according to your requirements.

If you’re interested in discovering Baghdad, find out more about our tours to Iraq or contact our friendly team today.