Visit A Newly Reborn Country With Our Somaliland Tours

Want to visit somewhere like nowhere else on the planet?

Travel can give us so much, providing experiences which enrich us for a lifetime. It can not only broaden our mind, but challenge our perceptions about a country.

Located in the Horn of Africa, Somaliland is a self-declared independent republic. Its capital city is Hargeisa, which is also its largest city and the economic centre. Rocky Road Travel can take you to this little visited region and help you celebrate the birthday of this unrecognised country with our 2024 tour.

Your tour will begin in the capital city, the gateway into the former British protectorate. 

Hargeisa has a long history as a trading and cultural centre. It was heavily damaged during the Somali Civil War in the late 20th century, but has since undergone reconstruction. The city is renowned for focusing on education and has produced many prominent scholars, professionals, and artists.

Hargeisa has a number of memorable landmarks, including the Freedom Monument, which commemorates Somaliland’s struggle for independence. The primary languages spoken in Hargeisa are Somali and Arabic, with Somali being the most widely used language for daily communication.

Although still recovering from the civil war, the area is safe and the locals will love to welcome you. Our tours enable you to do everything from swimming in untouched water to visiting ancient cave paintings.

Somaliland is just one of the more unusual travel destinations you can experience with Rocky Road Travel. Why not check out our list of destinations for inspiration?

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