Travel to the Fascinating Region of Somaliland

Want to travel to one of the least visited parts of Africa?

Somaliland is a wonderful destination for more seasoned travellers wanting to try something different. Offering so many unexpected and unique experiences, from stunning landscapes and deserted beaches to bustling market towns, you’ll also be able to enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the Somali people. 

Somaliland became independent from the rest of the region in 1991 and is much more stable than other areas of Somalia. 

Rocky Road Travel helps people to visit some of the least visited places in Africa and beyond.

Ideal for travellers who want to see lesser known destinations, our team organises safe and informative tours to some of the least visited places. Along with parts of Africa, other destinations include Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan, Mauritania, Syria, Papua New Guinea and many more. 

With our Somaliland Independence Tour, it’s easy to celebrate the birth of this unrecognised country. You can also organise your own bespoke tour if preferred.

Real experiences that open your heart and mind.

You can rest assured that all the places we visit are deemed safe. All our tours have also been thoroughly tried and tested by our team and are lead by expert guides. 

 Our tour in Somaliland includes exploring the capital city of Hargeisa. Situated in a valley, it’s home to rock art from the Neolithic period and a commercial hub for many different activities, including precious stone-cutting.

If you’re interested in travelling to Somaliland, simply contact our friendly team for more information.