Travel To Beautiful Syria And Expand Your Horizons

It’s easy to forget that Syria is a country rich in history and culture. Here you’ll find many fascinating archaeological sites, ancient cities, and several UNESCO World Heritage sites including Palmyra, Damascus, and Aleppo.

Syria is therefore a wonderful place to visit if you want to develop a deeper understanding of human history. Travel to this country and it can permanently change your perspective on the country.

It’s also a land that’s replete with natural wonders, including captivating landscapes, mountains, deserts, and Mediterranean coastline. If you want to challenge your assumptions about this and other stigmatised countries, Rocky Road Travel would love to take you there.

Travel safely to Syria with our specialist tour company.

Unfortunately, due to a civil war, it’s been difficult for people to travel to Syria for several years now. Fortunately, expert tour operators like Rocky Road Travel can help you visit the country safely and securely.

We’re able to offer both group or private tours in this and many other countries that travellers rarely get to visit. Our Syria tours start and finish at either Beirut, Amman or Damascus airport, with support every step of the way.

Our team of professional guides and drivers will pick you up and escort you from wherever you wish to start and finish.

Discover more reasons to travel to Syria with Rocky Road Travel, or contact our friendly team for more details.