Travel One Of The World’s Greatest Roads With Our Pakistan Tours

Want to discover a whole new world next year?

Often we end up at travel hotspots which are overcrowded, well-known or commercialised. To truly change our perspective, it can help to discover the beauty of a country which is widely misunderstood, like Pakistan.

Take our Karakoram Highway Tour in 2023 to the Chinese border.

Many people think of Pakistan as being dangerous or impoverished. While it can be both these things, it’s also a fascinating country with a rich and colourful history.

Pakistan had one of the earliest and largest civilisations, and today is the world’s most fifth populated country. It borders four different countries (Iran, Afghanistan, China and India) and has a varied landscape including 14 of the highest independent mountains in the world. Pakistan also has the world’s longest river.

Here you’ll find the world’s highest highway, which you get to explore on our Pakistan tours. We take you to the northern Karakoram region, with bespoke arrangements or scheduled group tours available.

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Rocky Road Travel specialise in taking travellers to those more unusual destinations, particularly countries which are lesser known and not visited as often. These include North Korea, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Socotra, Pakistan and many more.

Tours take place in small groups with Western English speaking guides.

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