Sustainable Travel Adventures in Mauritania in West Africa

Want to discover the beauty of a country few have visited?

The Covid pandemic put millions of people’s travel plans on hiatus. With restrictions having largely been lifted in many places in the world, you likely want to get back out there and satisfy your wanderlust. Rocky Road Travel is here to help you do exactly that!

Based in Berlin, we specialise in travel to those countries which are less visited and often misunderstood. Our aim is to shed light on such places and change people’s perceptions of a country. While travel is more popular than ever, many end up going to the same places as they did before, and don’t end up discovering anything new. 

Rocky Road Travel is ideal for people interested in sustainable travel to a range of destinations. One of our favourite new destinations is Mauritania — often known as ‘the jewel of the Sahara’. 

Located in West Africa, there are currently many travel restrictions in much of Mauritania. Fortunately, however, the area around Nouakchott is still open for business. 

We have a variety of tours available in Mauritania, including our Essential Mauritania Tour, which takes you from Nouakchott to Chinguetti. Nouakchott is the capital’s largest capital and largest city. 

Mauritania is just one of the many travel destinations we cover at Rocky Road Travel, with all our tours having small group sizes. Other popular locations include Somalia, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Socrata and many more. 

By offsetting all carbon emissions and having a climate-positive workforce, we look to promote sustainable travel.

If you’re interested in travel tours in Mauritania, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.