One of the Leading Tour Companies to North Korea

Travel to North Korea and it will not only be an incredible experience; it will also be a brilliant conversation starter for years to come. 

As the world’s most isolated country, few places evoke so much intrigue as this East Asian country. After all, this is somewhere where the internet and much of normal 21st century life remains unknown by its inhabitants. North Korea is a country that has been described as a ‘hermit kingdom’ thanks to how insulated it is.

Although you need to make compromises if you want to visit North Korea, it’s well worth the journey into this new and unfamiliar world. 

If you’re looking for trusted tour companies to take you to East Asia, Rocky Road Travel has upcoming tours in 2023 and 2024.

All tours are led by a western English speaking tour leader along with two local guides. 

Your journey will start and finish in Beijing, so all you need to do is meet your tour guide there. Packages include train travel from Beijing to Pyongyang with a return included.

Our tours are all-inclusive so you won’t have to worry about any hidden costs. The only extra expenditure will be the visa (€50) and optional flights to or from Beijing to Pyongyang.

Prefer the ideal of organising an independent tour?

If the dates we offer don’t work for you, we’re happy to organise a private tour. Rocky Road Travel is committed to do everything possible when it comes to helping travellers visit more adventurous destinations.

Find out more about our North Korea tours or contact us to get the ball rolling.