Group Tours To the Remote Island of Socotra

Want to experience the natural world like never before? Book a place on one of our eye-opening tours to Socotra in 2023. 

Many experts believe the era of mass tourism is over. One thing is certain, more people are aware of its negative effects on the environment than ever before. 

Increasing numbers of people want to go to more unusual destinations, rather than overcrowded, over-Instagrammed resorts. Others want to widen their knowledge of the world. Our sustainable travel trips, off-the-beaten-path, are ideal if you want to try something more adventurous. 

Destinations include Socotra, an island of the Republic of Yemen in the Indian Ocean. 

With a total population of only 60,000 people, who speak their own native language, Socotra is an island so remote that many will never have heard of it. It’s ideal for activities like wildlife spotting and hiking and has very little infrastructure aside from the main town Hadiboh, so a trip to Socotra is perfect for exploring an unspoiled world. 

Since it’s off the coast of Yemen, it’s largely escaped the turmoil of the mainland. However, the UAE and Saudi Arabia have stationed troops there and it’s important to book with a trusted tour operator like Rocky Road Travel.

We currently have six scheduled and confirmed group tours per year.

Find out more about our tours to Socotra or simply contact our friendly team for more information.