Go On An Unforgettable Adventure With Our Tours In Algeria

If you want to visit a country brimming with history, Algeria should be on your bucket list of destinations to visit. 

The country has been influenced by various civilisations, including Berber, Roman, Ottoman, and French. It therefore boasts numerous historical sites, including the ancient Roman ruins of Timgad and Djemila (both of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites).

Thanks to the new tourist visa on arrival, it’s also much safer and easier to visit than in the past.

In Algeria you’ll also discover many diverse and striking landscapes, including the expanse of the Sahara Desert. If you’re passionate about history and nature, the Tassili n’Ajjer National Park is a must-visit. Here you’ll find majestic rock formations and prehistoric cave art.

Our tours give you the chance to explore the Sahara Desert on dune buggies, otherwise known as ‘dune bashing’! 

It’s a magical experience exploring the vast sand dunes, where you’ll find ancient desert towns like Ghardaïa.

Algerian cuisine is also a real treat, offering a blend of Mediterranean and North African flavours. Traditional dishes like couscous, tagines, and pastries like baklava are well-loved by food enthusiasts.

The country is also  known for its traditional crafts, including pottery, rugs, and jewellery. The bustling local markets (known as souks) provide a great place to purchase unique handmade items and souvenirs.

Visit a country still unspoilt by mass tourism. 

Compared to more popular tourist destinations, Algeria remains relatively untouched by mass tourism. This means you can explore its attractions without the crowds, providing a more authentic and peaceful experience.

Our upcoming Algeria tour will take place in spring 2025 and lasts for 10 days. 

During this trip you’ll discover the UNESCO-listed Casbah, with its hidden mosques and historic palaces, before visiting the picturesque waterfront promenade of the Corniche.

You will also discover the enchanting city of Ghardaia, nestled in the heart of the M’zab Valley. Transporting its visitors to another time, we introduce you to the unique culture and traditions of the Mozabite people.

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