Explore One Of The Newest Countries With Our South Sudan Tours

Over a decade ago now, Africa’s largest country, Sudan, split into two and South Sudan, the world’s newest country, emerged. This makes it one of the most fascinating countries to visit.

Although it’s poor, South Sudan is brimming with culture, history and gorgeous landscapes. Unsurprisingly, it’s an unforgettable place to visit, and you’re guaranteed to have stories to share for years to come.

South Sudan is home to a rich tapestry of ethnic groups, each with its own traditions, language, and customs. It can therefore be an incredibly enlightening and rewarding place to explore if you’re keen to visit somewhere more unusual in 2024.

South Sudan has a compelling history, including ancient civilizations and sites that date back thousands of years. Visiting places like the ancient capital of Kerma or the Dongola Kingdom can provide insights into the region’s past.

Our South Sudan tours will introduce you to a country full of natural beauty.

Rocky Road Travel strives to showcase all that this country can offer, with various different exciting tours to choose from. You can customise tours according to your interests and preferences, so you could either visit the capital city of Juba or spend more time with the many tribes in the country.

Meeting tribes is an amazing way to learn about a different way of life and to participate in community projects. We enable you to camp and eat with them, so you can truly immerse yourself in their lives.

Options include our scheduled group tours, including our 5-day tour, or get in touch with our team to customise your journey.

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