Explore Iraq Safely With Our Expert Tour Guides

There are many countries that most people will never get to see, and Iraq is one of those. Although it’s now famous as a war torn country, Iraq has a glorious past along with breathtaking landscapes.

Why visit a country like Iraq in 2023 or 2023?

Travelling to countries that are misunderstood can permanently change your perceptions, opening up your mind like never before. Iraq has a wealth of history that’s yet to be discovered by travellers. They say that travel broadens the mind: that’s never more true than when you head somewhere few people even consider.

Attractions include the Great Mosque of Samarra, which is not the easiest to get to, and the Al Shaheed Monument. You can read more about these unique attractions on our blog.

Our tour guides can help you discover north and south Iraq.

Rocky Road Travel organises tours to Kurdistan in the north and Baghdad and beyond in the south. Since the fall of ISIS, Southern Iraq has recently become safe to visit. Following such events, we have led numerous successful research tours and organised numerous group tours there without issue.

Some parts of Iraq simply aren’t safe, so we plan our itineraries in-depth to ensure that such places are avoided.

We have both group tours and are able to offer private bespoke tours. If you need help applying for a Visa, our friendly team is always happy to help. Why not read our reviews to see what previous customers have to say?

If you’re looking for Iraq tour guides, don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.