Expand Your Mind With Tours To Papua New Guinea

If you want to visit a country packed with culture and famous for its biodiversity, Papua New Guinea should be high on your list.

As a country where over over 850 indigenous languages are spoken, this destination is ideal for anyone interested in our fellow human beings. Papua New Guinea is home to many different tribes, all of whom have their own customs, rituals and traditions.

Our tours enable you to meet some of these tribes, along with discovering the stunning country they inhabit.

Did you know that Papua New Guinea has some of the tallest mountains in Oceania? Or that it has numerous active volcanoes?

In terms of geological diversity and biological diversity, it’s one of the world’s hot spots. There is a panoply of unique flora and fauna, making it one of the most exciting places for people interested in the natural world.

The island of New Guinea, which Papua New Guinea shares with Indonesia, is home to many endemic species found nowhere else on Earth, including the Birds of Paradise. Other unique and endemic species include tree kangaroos, cassowaries, and the world’s largest butterfly, the Queen Alexandra’s birdwing.

During our tours you can take part in one of the traditional sing-sing festivals. 

These are vibrant cultural celebrations where tribes showcase their traditional dances, music, and elaborate costumes. These festivals are an important part of Papua New Guinean culture and often attract visitors from around the world.

Rocky Road Travel provides you two full days at the Mount Hagen or Goroka festival, with the chance to have behind the scenes access if you arrive early. This is just one of the amazing activities you can take part in.

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