Exciting Yemen Tours For More Adventurous Travellers

Are you an intrepid traveller looking for your next adventure?

Travelling to a country that few people ever see can permanently change our perception of the world. It can also provide the kind of stories you’ll want to retell for years to come.

Going to a country like Iraq, Yemen or Iran can help you see there’s more to a country than its stereotypes. You can gain a more nuanced and interesting understanding of a place and its people. If you’re fascinated by political and social issues, you can also gain a better understanding of the situation. This can help you raise awareness at home with family and friends. Above all, countries usually have so much more to offer than is portrayed in the media.

Why visit Yemen on one of our tours?

For instance, Yemen is a diverse country that’s the result of thousands of years of human history and traditions.

We offer a hugely successful research tour to mainland Yemen, along with tours to the Hadramout region – currently the country’s only safe province for visitors. Hadramout is located in the southeastern part of Yemen, along the Gulf of Aden. This region is famous for its stunning diverse landscapes, including mountains, plateaus, and the Arabian Sea coastline.

Go on a true adventure and get off the beaten track. 

Rocky Road Travel loves helping adventurous travellers to discover those places less frequented by tourists. It’s our aim to help people see the world differently, with our destinations including countries like Afghanistan, Yemen, Mauritania, Syria, South Sudan, Pakistan and many more.

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