Discover the Land of Silent Treasures with our Libya Tours

If you’re fascinated by Roman history, Libya is a wonderful place to pay a visit. 

Located near North Africa, although it is dominated by desert and a small amount of arable land, Libya has a fascinating history dating back to ancient times, having once been home to ancient Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. 

One of the most fascinating places to visit is Leptis Magna. 

Once one of the most beautiful Roman cities in the empire, the city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is just one of the amazing sites that you’ll see on one of our tours. We also take you to Tripoli, Jabal Nafusa, Ghadames, Geryan and Sabratha.

A short history of Libya.

Libya was an Italian colony from 1911 until World War II, after which it came under British and French administration. It gained independence in 1951 and was ruled by King Idris until 1969.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi then seized power in a coup in 1969 and ruled Libya for more than four decades.

Since Gaddafi’s fall following the Arab Spring Revolution, the country has endured political instability and conflict. Nonetheless, thanks to having one of the best preserved Roman ruins, idyllic oases and large sand dunes, it has the potential to be one of the most exciting tourist destinations. 

With our Libya tours, you’ll get to discover the country before tourists ever get a chance to take over.

Did you know that Libya is home to a diverse range of ethnic groups?

These include Berbers, Tuaregs, and Arab-Berber groups, each with its own cultural traditions.

Libyan cuisine typically includes a variety of Mediterranean dishes, often featuring couscous, lamb and dates. The culture is also rich in traditions related to art and music.

Arabic is the official language, and Islam is the dominant religion, with the majority of the population adhering to Sunni Islam. During Rocky Road Travel’s tours, you’ll get to experience plenty of Libyan culture.

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