Discover A Surreal World With Our Scheduled Tours To Socotra

The best travel experiences often feel like visiting another different world. Nowhere is that more true than with Socotra. 

This remote Yemeni archipelago, often nicknamed the ‘Galapagos of the Indian Ocean,’ has a landscape unlike anywhere else on Earth.

Our Socotra tours enable you to fully experience this surreal landscape, from its famous dragon’s blood trees to white sandy beaches and crystalline waters.

Most people find the juxtaposition between the jagged peaks and idyllic coastline unforgettable. This is a country that has to be seen to be believed, and with our tours you have the chance! Rocky Road Travel takes you to many amazing sites, including viewing the Detwah Lagoon from the highest point on the beach.

This year we have tours in October and November, which are some of the best times to visit. One tour takes place over New Year’s so it is a wonderful way to herald the arrival of 2025.

Did you know that Socotra is a biodiversity hotspot?

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its exceptional biodiversity. Socotra is home to many endemic species of plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet. If you’re a birdwatcher or nature enthusiast, you’re likely to find this place pure heaven.

It also has a rich cultural heritage which has been shaped by its isolation and influence from various civilisations. You’ll find the Socotra people have their own distinct language, traditions, and way of life. This makes our tours ideal if you want a fascinating glimpse into a unique culture.

From visiting the cave of Abdullah Alloi to introducing you to the native birdlife, our tours in Socotra have something for everyone. 

You’ll also be visiting a place that’s rarely seen by tourists. Due to its remote location and limited accessibility, Socotra remains relatively untouched by mass tourism. Now is the time to experience its natural beauty and cultural richness before it becomes popular..

If you’re a keen photographer, Socotra’s surreal landscapes will provide endless opportunities. 

From the iconic dragon’s blood trees against the backdrop of a setting sun to the vibrant marine life thriving beneath its waters, every corner of the island is a photographer’s dream.

If you’re keen to get out of your comfort zone, this could be the tour for you.

For more about our exciting Socotra tours, contact our team for more information.