Challenge Your Assumptions With Our Iraq Tours

Did you know that Iraq is one of the oldest centres of human civilization?

Many travellers visit the same places over and over again. However, it’s the freshness and newness of an unknown place which expands our mind.

Not only do many people travel to the same kinds of places: they rarely venture out of their comfort zone. That means that many countries, like Iraq, continue to be stigmatised and such prejudices rarely go challenged, which we believe is a real shame.

Rocky Road Travel is designed for more adventurous travellers who want to tour the kinds of places many people never see. 

Iraq is obviously most associated in places like America and the UK with the ‘war on terror’ in the early 21st century. However, there’s so much more to Iraq than a war zone.

Although the country continues to face challenges in its recovery against the Islamic state, it’s a highly historical and often beautiful place that’s filled with wonders. Known as the ‘land between two rivers’, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers played a significant role in the development of early civilizations.

Our tours include those to Iraqi Kurdistan in the north and Baghdad and beyond in the south. You’ll start and finish in either Baghdad, Basra or Erbil, all of which have major airports easily reached from Turkey or the Gulf.

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