7 Reasons To Go On One Of Our North Korea Tours In 2024

Is it your new year’s resolution to be more adventurous?

North Korea is one of the most enigmatic, mysterious and fascinating places in the world. Here are just seven reasons to book one of our private or group tours to this country in the new year:

  1. Visit a place full of cultural curiosities.  North Korea has a deeply rich and unique culture, so experiencing it firsthand can be fascinating. From traditional dances to local cuisines, there’s much to discover in this hidden corner of the world.
  2. Discover a country with a complex history. Rocky Road Travel ensures you visit plenty of historical sites on our tours, with information provided by English speaking tour guides.
  3. Enter the unknown and visit a country few people see. Our tours include our unique access photography tours for only 7 people which we run in May and July.
  4. Go on a true adventure that will provide plenty of stories. Visiting a country that’s relatively closed off to the outside world can be an adventurous and challenging experience, providing unique stories and memories.
  5. Visit a country full of architectural and natural beauty. Places like Pyongyang, the capital, have some incredibly impressive architecture, monuments and grandiose structures. Not only that, the country has gorgeous natural landscapes like Mount Paektu.
  6. Challenge your preconceptions. Seeing North Korea first hand often challenges preconceived notions and stereotypes that exist about the country. Our tours can offer a different perspective beyond what’s often portrayed in the media.
  7. Find out more about people’s everyday lives. While interactions with locals might be limited and controlled, some travelers find these encounters valuable in understanding the everyday lives of North Koreans and gaining different perspectives.

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