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Travelling to Algeria has become easier with the availability of a new tourist visa on arrival and increased Libya tours on offer. The country can also boast an increased safety & security situation in recent years.

This vast desert land is now more accessible for all.

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Get ready for an adventure in Algeria, a place where history, nature, and culture come together in one amazing package!

Picture this: ancient ruins, endless deserts, and lively markets. Algeria’s got it all. With its mix of Berber, Arab, and French influences, you’re in for a real treat. Explore UNESCO-listed Roman ruins, go dune-bashing in the Sahara, or dive into the flavors of authentic Algerian food. Algeria is like a melting pot of experiences waiting to be explored.

Join us for a tour of Algeria and let’s unravel the beauty and mysteries of this fantastic destination!


Tripoli – Jabel Nafusa – Ghadames – Geryan – Leptis Magna – Sabratha – Tripoli


This tour can be arranged privately on any dates.


We have one group Libya Tour from May 6 – 11th, 2024.


We will apply for your Libya visa and send you a copy before the tour. This is included in the tour price.

Algeria Tour - May 12-20th, 2024
May 13th | Algiers
  • Own arrival into Algiers. Airport transfers provided to our hotel downtown.
  • After settling in, it’s time to start our Algiers tour.
  • Visit the casbah of Algiers – a UNESCO world heritage site, along with Dar Mustapha Pacha and pass by the Ketchaoua mosque at the bottom of Martyrs Square.
  • See the Basilica of Notre Dame d’afrique , Martyrs Monument, Botanical gardens and stroll through the city center. 
  • Visit the War Museum and the Revolutionary Monument commemorating the Algerian War & the struggle for independence from France. The monument was opened in 1982 on the 20th anniversary of Algeria’s 
    independence. It represents the shape of three standing palm leaves, each with a statue of a soldier underneath it as it protects the eternal flame.
  • Dinner and overnight in Algiers.
May 14th - Ghardaia
  • After breakfast, we’ll drive for 1 hour to visit the remarkable and unique Roman ruins of Tipaza – another UNESCO site, right on the sea. 
  • Tipaza was an old Punic trading-post conquered by the Romans. It was subsequently turned into a military colony by the emperor Claudius for the conquest of the kingdoms of Mauritania. It is one of the
    most famous ruins in all Northern Africa.
  • On the way we’ll grab a coffee break along the Mediterranean coast to
    take in the view. There’s also great restaurant options  here for a seafood lunch.
  • Visit the distinguished Archaeological Museum of Cherchell which houses
    some of Algeria’s finest sculptures and mosaics.
  • Drive back to Algiers in time for our domestic flight to Ghardaia.
  • Arrival and dinner in Gardaia.
  • Overnight.
May 15th - Ghadames - Constantine
  • Tour the town of Ghardaia , the lively market and the neighboring town of Beni Isguen.
  • Head to M’Zab valley, which comprises five villages in the heart of the Sahara Desert.
  • This UNESCO site is a photographer’s dream with its unique architecture that is a source of inspiration for today’s urban planners.
  • Head to the Ksar of Ghardaia – the pearl of the Oasis. Exploring this incredible village feels as if you have been taken back in time, leaving the modern world behind.
  • Transfer to the airport for our domestic flight to Constantine.
  • Dinner and overnight in Constantine.

May 16th - Constantine

  • Leaving the Sahara behind, we begin the journey back towards Tripoli.
  • Our main stop will be in Kabaw for lunch and then drive further to Gharyan city 50 miles south of Tripoli.
  • Gharyan was on the trade routes both south to Fezzan and over
  • the Nafusa Mountains. By 1884 the Ottomans had established a mayor and town council here.
    It was considered the centre of Libyan resistance against the Italian invasion early in the 20th century.
  • Drive to Tripoli
  • Dinner and overnight in Tripoli.
  • Breakfast at hotel and begin our city tour exploring Constantine – also
    known as the City of Bridges.
  • Our first stop visit the Ahmed Bey Palace – one of the finest Ottoman-era
    buildings in Algeria. A majestic palace filled with courtyards, gardens, and
    orchards. Expensive tiles crafted in Algeria and France decorate the
  • Walk over the iconic Pont de Sidi M’Cid – a 164 metres long suspension bridge across the Rhummel River. Built by the French and it was the highest bridge in the world from 1912 to 1929.
  • Stop by the Monument aux Morts – a memorial that honours the city’s
    dead from World War I. More than 173,000 Algerians fought in World War I under the banner of France, with many of them taking part in the Battle
    of Verdun and other well-known battles of the war. Sadly, more than
    36,000 of these Algerian soldiers perished during the war.
  • Visit the monument of the dead, which was built after the First World War.
  • Afternoon Lunch at El Khaimah – one of the top restaurants in Algeria, known for its
    excellent service and food. The restaurant offers a wide selection of local
    wines and dishes. Méchoui, or spit-roasted lamb, is among the best you
    will ever find in the region.
    Visit to the Great Mosque of Constantine constructed in 1135CE.
  • Walk along the Medina located in the heart of the old Constantine – a
    place full of life and merchants selling traditional street food and sweets.
  • Stop by to explore the Emir Abd El Kader Mosque – the second-largest mosque in the country.
  • Dinner and overnight in Constantine.

May 17th - Djemila - Algiers

  • Today we head back to Algiers passing by Djemila to see the famed Roman ruins.
  • We cover the 2 hour journey along Algeria’s iconic northern highway to the picturesque mountain village.
  • Explore the Djemila Roman ancient city ruins – a UNESCO
    World Heritage Site
  • Lunch at a nearby restaurant before continuing onto Algiers.
  • Overnight in Algiers.

May 18th - Algiers - Djanet

  • After breakfast we explore the remains of the citadel, old mosques and Ottoman-era palaces.
  • Visit the Palais des Rais – a shining symbol of Moorish architecture otherwise known as Bastion 23.
  • Stop by the La Grande Poste – constructed in 1910 it is still Algeria’s largest post office building.
  • Head to the airport for our afternoon flight to Djanet deep in the Sahara Desert.

May 19th / 20th - Djanet

  • Spend the next 2 days exploring the desert of Djanet – visiting the nomads seeing spectacular sunsets and sunrises, seeing the legendary crying cow, and experiencing local life.
  •  See rock art sites, and endless sand dune landscapes.
  • Enjoy the unique camping experience.

May 21st - Algiers

  • Flight back to Algiers.
  • Spend the day in Algiers seeing everything we didn’t have time for beofre and picking up some last-minute souvenirs before your flight home.
  • Trasnfer to the hotel for some rest before enjoying our last night in Algeria.
  • Dinner and overnight in Algiers.

May 22nd - Departure

  • depart , transfer to airport and departure 
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