Afghanistan Visa Application

As visa applications go, applying for the Afghanistan visa is quite straightforward. The requirements to change however depending which embassy you visit.

Certain embassies ask for a letter of invitation, while others don’t. Some embassies don’t issue tourist visas at all due to safety concerns. Who does and who does not frequently changes. There are no set rules as to the application process. Each ambassador seemingly decides for himself. 

What Will I Need To Apply?

You will only require the following items for most embassies;

  • passport with 6 months validity after the expiry of the Afghan visa
  • passport photo
  • filled out Afghanistan visa application form

Some embassies require a letter of Invitation from a tour provider. At Rocky Road Travel we can supply this to you. The visa price will vary between €30-€120 or $160 for an American passport.

The visa itself is valid for 30 days and is not date specific – meaning you can enter on any day in a 3 month period. The visa is single entry only.

Tourist Afghanistan visa

Afghanistan Visa in Dubai

If you are having difficulties applying for the visa in your home country there’s always the Dubai option. Most flights to Afghanistan are from Dubai so you’ll likely need to stopover here anyway. The Afghanistan visa can usually be applied for and picked up the same day.

Can Anyone Apply For The Visa?

The Afghanistan visa is available to all except Afghan nationals, travellers born in Afghanistan, born to Afghan parents or with parents born in Afghanistan, and people with service or diplomatic passports of select countries.

In addition, citizens of Singapore, Japan and South Korea have the hardest time getting an Afghan visa. Their governments have requested that visa applications be rejected to their citizens.

Interested in travelling to Afghanistan? Take a look at our Afghanistan tours. We don’t advertise the dates of our group tours online for security reasons. Get in touch for more information.

Kites on a Afghanistan tour.

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