Afghanistan Tourism

For well over 40 years, Afghanistan has been a no go area for foreign tourists. War after war against invaders from the Soviet Union, US and others have put a stop to any foreign travel. These days however, Afghanistan tourism is on the mend as more and more tourists make the brave but very rewarding journey.

Afghanistan Tours

Rocky Road Travel along with our travel partners CultureRoad offers private & group Afghanistan tours all year round. We work with the most reputable local guides who constantly follow the safety situation on the ground. Our itineraries only follow well tread paths that are safe.

We visit the capital city and gateway Kabul, The northern city of Mazer-E Sharif, the western city of Herat and the beautifully remote area of Bamian. Very few tourists make it to this area of natural beauty.

Major tourist sites that we visit include the Darulaman Palace, Sakhi Shrine in Kabul, the buddha caves in Bamian, the Band-E Amir lakes and the iconic Friday mosque in Herat. Afghanistan has it all from some of the best scenery in the world, incredible cultural sites and most hospitable people on the planet.

Now’s the time to travel to Afghanistan. It remains completely off the tourist trail, but for how long? Hopefully a Taliban peace deal will bring newfound hope and peace for the Afghani people and tourists will start slowing making their way back to this amazing country. Start planning your tour to Afghanistan today! Contact us for a quote and custom made itinerary or call +4915114575768 to chat to one of our agents!