Afghanistan Buzkashi Tour

What's it all about?

Following a return to offering safe & secure Afghanistan tours, we have designed this itinerary with safety in mind and only included places which are currently deemed safe to visit.

Kabul – Herat – Bamyan – Band-e-Amir – Mazar-e-Sharif – Samangan – Kabul


Feb 16 – 25th, 2024


We will issue you an invitation letter which will allow you to apply for a visa at your nearest Afghan embassy.

The Itinerary


Kabul – Bamyan – Band-e-Amir – Mazer-e-Sharif – Samangan – Herat – Kabul

February 16th | Kabul

  • Arrival in Kabul. Airport transfers to our Hotel.
  • Check in before we visit a local tailor to get measured up for our Afghan outfits.
  • Visit the old town and its Bird Market – here you’ll find not only thousands of exotic birds, but lots of blacksmiths, carpenters and other trades people.
  • See the old turquoise-tiled Sakhi mosque in the west of Kabul. This place is very sacred to Shia Muslims, who believe it to be the final resting-place of Hazrati Ali, the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Visit Darulaman Palace.
  • Stroll through Babur’s Gardens.
  • Dinner and overnight in Kabul.

February 17th | Kabul - Herat

  • Visit the Western Cemetery in Kabul which was a British military camp and the site of the 1879 “Siege of the Sherpur Cantonment” in the Second Anglo-Afghan War. The cemetery is home to many memorials and graves for the fallen western soldiers and Kabul residents who have fought in various conflicts throughout the history of Kabul. It is well looked after by an Afghan father and son.
  • We will then catch our flight to Herat.
  • Visit the tomb of Goharshad and the Minarets of Herat, part of what was originally a much larger complex: the Mosque and Madrassa of Gawharshad. Unfortunately, much of the complex was dynamited and destroyed by officers of the British Indian Army in 1885 to prevent it’s use as a fortress, as they feared a Russian invasion of India. The tomb and minarets are thankfully still standing, and are amongst the most famous landmarks in Herat.
  • In the afternoon you will visit the Guzargah Mosque and Puli Malaan, a fine old 22 arched bridge, believed to have been constructed by the Seljuks in the early 12th century. Locals believe it was built by two sisters, named Bibi Hur and Bibi Noor.
  • Herat Glass factory (if open)
  • Transfer to the hotel, dinner and overnight in Herat.
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February 18th | Herat

  • First thing this morning we will visit the Masjidi Jami or Friday Mosque, originally built by the Ghurid ruler, Ghiyas ad-Din Ghori, in 1200AD (597 AH). After his death, the building was completed by his brother and successor Muhammad of Ghor. After falling into ruin and then being destroyed by an earthquake, the current mosque was completed in 1446AD.
  • We will continue on to see the adjoining tile factory of Herat.
  • After lunch we will tour the Herat citadel, which dates back to 330 BC. When Alexander the Great and his army arrived in Afghanistan, after the Battle of Gaugamela. This battle was Alexander’s decisive battle in his invasion and conquest of the ancient Persian Achaeminid Empire. Many empires have since used it as their headquarters over the last 2,000 years. It has been destroyed and rebuilt many times.
  • After we will look around the Herat Bazaar.
  • Late evening flight back to Kabul.
  • Dinner in Kabul and overnight.

February 19th | Kabul - Bamyan

  • Depart Kabul early for our road trip to Bamyan.
  • We will journey to the famous ancient buddhist complex. The Buddhas of Bamyan were two monumental statues carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamyan valley in the 6th century. These massive World Heritage-listed statues, situated in the peaceful Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan, were deliberately dynamited and destroyed by the Taliban in March 2001 at a great cultural loss to all humanity. The area is still an extraordinary historic site to explore. After lunch we will visit Shahr-e Gholghola also known as the City of Screams, the ruins of a 12th century (and possibly much older) city near the town of Bamyan. We will also journey out to Shahr-e Zuhak, also known as The Red City.
  • Evening tea on our hotel rooftop before heading into town for dinner.
  • Overnight in Bamyan.

February 20th | Bamyan & Band e Amir

  • Short walk through Bamyan where we will visit the wonderfully colorful local market. The area is very safe and you can enjoy free time here.
  • Visit the six deep blue lakes of Band-e-Amir. The lakes are separated by natural dams made of travertine, a mineral deposit. This area is dominated by ethnic Hazaras, who make up around 23% of Afghanistan’s population. Band-e Amir was to become Afghanistan’s first National Park in the 1960s but this was delayed due to successive political crises and decades of war. In 2004, Band-e Amir was submitted for recognition as a World Heritage site, and in 2009, it was finally declared as such. Since 2013 it has become a popular destination for both Afghan and international visitors. After visiting the national park, journey back to our hotel in Bamyan for the night.
  • Dinner & overnight in Bamyan.

February 21st | Bamyan - Mazar-e-Sharif

  • We’ll hit the road early for the long drive to Mazar-e-Sharif.
  • It’s a beautiful drive through the mountains stopping several times for snacks and photo ops.
  • Arrival in Mazar-e-Sharif. Dinner and overnight.

February 22nd | Mazar-e-Sharif - Samangan

  • Drive out to the beautiful mountainous villages of Samangan province. 
  • Visit the 3rd and 4th century temples and Stupas carved out of the ground.
  • Lunch in bustling bazaar of Samangan. Walk through the streets here and soak up the atmosphere. 
  • Visit the Baaghi Jahan numa (the Kings Garden) then drive back to Mazar.
  • Dinner and overnight in Mazar-e-Sharif.

February 23rd | Mazar-e-Sharif

  • We will start the day to visit the iconic Blue Mosque and the shrine of Hazrat Ali. This is one of the most famous, and most beautiful sacred sites in the Islamic world. The exquisitely-patterned decoration of the shrine, is set in an expansive white marble courtyard. Add the great flocks of white doves, and a dazzling blue sky, and you have one of the best photo locations in all of Central Asia.
  • Catch a Buzkashi game on this Friday (if there is one happening) 
  • Journey to Charkent to see the 12th century gate from the time of Genghis Khan who was supposed to attack this area but the people of Charkent responded and built a massive gate to stop the Mongols.
    This gate didn’t just stop the Mongols but later in 1988 it stopped the Soviets from entering Charkent and later in 1998 it also stopped the Taliban at the time.
  • Explore more of the city centre and its vibrant street life in the evening.
  • Dinner and overnight.

February 24th | Mazar-e-Sharif - Kabul

  • Catch a flight back to Kabul where we will have tea and some time to have a look around the famous bazaar on Chicken Street.
  • Drive into the mountains overlooking Kabul for one last sunset.
  • Final dinner & overnight in Kabul.

February 25th | Depart

  • Transfer to the airport. End of Afghanistan Buzkashi Tour.
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Tour Notes

You’ll be in the vastly experienced hands of our English speaking local guides & fixer as well as your Rocky Road Travel guide. Given the unpredictable nature of travelling in Afghanistan, the itinerary may change slightly, but we will always go above and beyond with added extras such as stops at local cafe-bars, shisha lounges and parks. We are in constant communication with our local partners on the ground who advise the safe routes to take.

Before the Afghanistan tour we will add you to a dedicated WhatsApp group so you can chat about the tour & share photos easily with your travel mates. Just let us know is you want to opt out of this.

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February 16 - 25th, 2024

Afghanistan Buzkashi Tour.

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