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Sustainable small group travel for the post Covid age. Find out where you can travel to and how we can get you there.

Rocky Road specializes in small group and independent travel to some of the planet’s least understood countries. We believe that the age of mass tourism is well and truly over. We take pride in our sustainable model by taking you off the beaten track, beyond the rhetoric, and straight into the hands of our local experts so you can see these incredible places with your own eyes.

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Small Group Guaranteed Tours

All our tours are guaranteed departures regardless of how many people are confirmed. We also cap each tour at 10 people which adds flexibility and comfort to every group.

Real Experiences

As well as hitting the usual sights, we'll also focus on local experiences like visiting bars, bowling alleys, parks and other "normal" places where we can mingle and chat with locals.

5 Star Experience

We have 7 years experience of operating in our destination countries. All tours have been meticulously researched & perfected over time.

Specialized & Bespoke tours

We take pride in our specialized tours like Cycling and Football tours to North Korea. Want to design your own tour? Just let us know.

Value for Money

Our tours are very competitively priced. What's more - we're EU based so it's cheaper and more secure to pay. Plus there are no hidden fees.

Online Booking & Support

The entire booking process is done by email. It's that simple! We're here when you need us and will reply instantly to emails & Whatsapp.

I just returned from a 2-week trip throughout all of Iraq/Kurdistan (south and north, respectively) and I was so pleased with the entire nature of the tour, from guides to hotels to the variety of sights, ruins, shrines, restaurants, cafes, landscapes and museums we visited. I had heard great things about Rocky Road travel before, but had never used them for a trip of my own...but I am certainly intending to work with them again in planning future trips. Shane was always responsive and patient with my many questions and emails leading up to the trip, and answered them quickly with all the information I needed.
I traveled to Iraq with Rocky Road Travel in Nov 2021. I had an amazing time and really felt it was one of those special once in a lifetime experiences. The trip booking process was easy and straight forward, with Shane available by email or WhatsApp. Payment was simple and all the necessary visa information etc was provided promptly. The local guides were incredible, warm and welcoming, knowledgeable, informative, and alot of fun. You never forget how someone makes you feel and the Iraqi and Kurdish people are what really make this a special experience. There is a large variety of sites to see and experience and never too much of any one thing. It's a great mix. The accommodation was better than expected with clean modern hotels for the most part. Overall I highly recommend Rocky Road Travel and will travel with them again.
Victory day tour 2019 was incredibly fun. Good experience from start to finish, seamless booking & payment process. friendly staff and amazing guides! Definitely an eye opening experience that we wont forget. Travel to North Korea now!
I had an incredible time in Socotra with Rocky Road Travel. The guides were fantastic, great people, great conversations, and the fresh seafood was delicious- definitely the best camping food I have had! Shane made planning and booking the trip so easy. Our itinerary for the week went above and beyond my expectations, we were able to do and see everything, and more, while still having time to enjoy it all. I look forward to checking out their other tours!
My Iraq trip was amazing, everything I hoped it would be and way more. It touched on the highlights, which for me where historical sites like Ur and Babylon. The Shanigar Cave was extraordinary. Kurdistan was a huge geographical surprise. As a solo female traveler I never felt unsafe, quite the opposite. I’ve never met kinder people. Iraqs were curious but respectful and genuinely happy to see a tourist. Security was everywhere with multiple checkpoints in both north and south Iraq but courteous and efficient. My guides were exceptional. The agenda was covered but they all added unexpected surprises, like a spontaneous picnic at the Euphrates. I would not have changed anything and can only encourage more people to visit.
I'm so glad I chose Rocky Road to guide me through Iraqi Kurdistan! Shane's responses were spot-on; there were no stresses or concerns before the trip. Every part of the itinerary felt smooth and organised, from the airport pick-up to taking off. The best part?.. The local guide was a legend! I would not hesitate to recommend this trip, and any others that Rocky Road provide, to my friends, family and even strangers I haven't met yet. I hope to travel with them again! And as for Iraqi Kurdistan, what are you waiting for? It's beautiful out there!
Shane, the founder of Rocky Road Travel, was my guide in North Korea. The trip was smoothly run with a great itinerary. That you have even heard of the tour firm shows that you stand out as someone adventurous and well travelled - consequently you will be in for a real treat with the firm's adventures - not only because of the destinations, but also because of the self selecting group of like minded companions you will meet. I'm already looking to book my next year's trip with Rocky Road.


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